Glen Celtic Masters win 1-0 away to Dunmore Town

Masters Result - Dunmore Town 0 Glen Celtic 1 - Played in less than ideal conditions Celtic got their first win of the season with hard fought victory over Dunmore. In a game where chances were few and far between the sides went in scoreless at half time. In the second half Celtic piled on the pressure and went ahead when a piledrive free kick from Ciarán Trautt hit the net. Celtic should have doubled their lead on a number of occasions but failed to take their chances. With time ticking away Dunmore had a couple of chances but great tackles by Brendan Burke on two occasions saved the day. Panel - Pat McHugh, Ned O'Toole, Brendan Gordon, Brendan Burke, Darren O'Regan, Aidan Collins, Tomas Hussey, Michael Gallagher, Marty O'Neill,Joe Devaney, Ciarán Trautt, Keith Tierney, Kevin Brennan, Tom Diskin,Peadar Shanks

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